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Fasting movie Fasting - Blu Ray + Digital Copy

Please NOTE: OUT OF STOCK until June 20, 2018. Please revisit us after that time. Thank you.

Fasting Blu Ray
+ Digital Copy + Bonus Interviews

"The most comprehensive & objective look at fasting on film!"

Fasting may serve as the solution to solve our epidemic of chronic illnesses today. However, most think of only one method of fasting when they hear the term 'fasting.'

This documentary explores 7 different methods of fasting including Time-Restricted Feeding, Intermittent & Prolonged Fasting, Long-Term Water Fasting, Religious Fasting, Eating Disorders, Improvising or Fasting Unsafely, Fasting Mimicking Diet, and Juice Fasting.

The film interviews 54 people including the world's leading scientists and medical professionals on fasting, as well as individuals who used fasting to treat obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular problems, skin problems, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, joint pain, and many others.

This one hour, forty minute feature motion picture is the most comprehensive and objective look at fasting on film. In addition to the feature film, the digital copy includes growing set of 'extra' bonus detailed interviews are being added for those who purchased the film.

List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $29.95
Savings: $30.00
La Sierra PE Strength & Endurance Routine - Blu Ray + Digital Copy! La Sierra PE Strength & Endurance Routine - Blu Ray + Digital Copy!

We are out of stock on the Blu-Ray and not planning on re-ordering. If you would like the electronic version, you can find links by visiting https://www.reelhouse.org/revenuereserve/se-routine-instructions

This is the famous La Sierra High PE Strength & Endurance Routine...the "secret sauce" that served as the foundation for their program. It was the first 12 minutes of their daily PE program, which they did every day.

Includes Blu Ray + Digital Copy!

This video bundle includes a 40-minute step-by-step instruction video, and a 13-minute real-time once-through video, along with 4 additional bonus features including training instructions that include never-before-seen philosophical guidance from the LS founder Stan Le Protti. The footage shows him discussing this routine on camera (early 1960's) while his students do the routine behind him. The bonus footage on this Blu Ray is not available anywhere else.

This project came from the renaissance effort of historians working in tandem with the actual living coaches of La Sierra High (who served from 1960 to the school's closing in 1983), as well as alumni, and the written references dating back to the 1800's where this program originated.

This is the routine that the Medical University of South Carolina (Neurosurgery Department) is shown doing in The Motivation Factor; it's the routine that physicians at Children's Hospital in Boston have been prescribing to all their patients for the past 2 years, and what the US Marines at Camp Pendleton started following January 1, 2018!

It's simple, inexpensive, time-tested, and effective. All you need is the floor and 12 minutes. Nothing else.

Inside this Blu Ray

SE Training Detailed Video Instructions (38:26)

SE Routine Real-Time Video (13:20)


Stan LeProtti Interview #1 (3:21)

Stan LeProtti Interview #2 (5:28)

Training for the Nation -- the Sokols (11:35)

Restorative Arts -- Indian Clubs (17:10)

List Price: $65.00
Our Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $45.00
Savings: $20.00
The Motivation Factor The Motivation Factor - Blu Ray + Digital Copy w/ BONUS

We are out of stock and orders will resume after June 20, 2018. Pease try back then. Thank you.

This multiple award-winning documentary film shows the irreplaceable role Physical Education plays to develop social unity and become smart, productive and mentally stable citizens, and the out-of-control consequences we face today with its absence in our society.

The Motivation Factor
was just reviewed as "the most important documentary of our lifetime," and is a multi-award winner at multiple film festivals including 'Best Documentary' and 'Audience Choice Award.' It has an unheard of 5 out of 5 start rating on iTunes and a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon! There's simply nothing else like it. The Director of Hollywood's Life Fest Film Festival said, "This film will change America!

However, for that to happen, our leaders must see it first.

Can you please help us make that happen?

Who can you share this with? Consider purchasing a copy as a gift and give it to a leader (i.e., teacher, administrator, school board member, community leader, or parent.) See 'Director's Message' video below to understand how this was JFK's plan and why we must do this now.

This order includes BOTH a Blu Ray + DIGITAL copy (with additional BONUS features!

Blu Ray

The Motivation Factor

What if JFK wasn’t killed? (5:18)
‘Director’s Experience (4:05)
Why It Stopped (2:18)
Making of Motivation Factor (7:04)


Digital Version with additional BONUS features (avail immediately on your order)

The Motivation Factor (1:29:05)

What if JFK wasn’t killed? (5:18)
‘Director’s Experience (4:05)
Why It Stopped (2:18)
Here's How You Can Help (2:35)
JFK PE Conspiracy (3:19)
Root Cause (1:04)
The First Thing We Should Do (1:04)
Making of Motivation Factor (7:04)
Indian Clubs Extra (17:18)
Sokol (11:35)

Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.95
Savings: $10.00